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How would you react if you were Margaret ?

刊登日期: 2017.05.27
作者: Auntie Isa  

Margaret is the only child at home. She has been hoping to have siblings(兄弟姊妹)for a long, long time, but this is simply against her parents’ thinking. She gets quite bored at home as both her mom and dad work long hours; she is always home with just a domestic helper (家傭)who is forever talking on the phone, ignoring her. Margaret always has her dinner alone. Most of the time she studies, other than that(除此之外), she practices on the piano. She never complains as she is a quiet person, very reserved(沉默). 

One night while Margaret was sound asleep(熟睡), she was suddenly awakened by her parents arguing. She immediately realized there was a fierce fight(爭拗) between her mom and dad, their voices were raising, and not long after she could hear the noise of glass items being blown t o smithereens(成碎片). Most unexpectedly the door flung(猛推)open; her parents marched in and demanded her to take a side(袒護)between two of them. Margaret was entirely lost(徹底迷失). 

How would you react if you were Margaret ? 

  • Use the same level of voice and shout back to the two adults that they have to solve their own problems. It is not fair to ask a kid to take side and it is not the right hour for any family discussion, as there will be school the following day. Tell them to keep quiet and sleep. 
  • Ask them to calm down and give each some time to say his / her stance(立場)one by one, do not give advice but try to describe feeling of theirs, be it angry, frustrated(挫敗╱洩氣), being wronged(委屈), feeling unfair(不公平), jealous(嫉妒), scared(驚恐), anxious(忐忑), sad, depressed(沮喪)etc. Tell them God understands us more than we understand ourselves; say a short prayer with them and all should go to sleep with a forgiving heart, as God forgives us. 

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