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How would you react if you were Ronald ?

刊登日期: 2017.05.20
作者: Auntie Isa  

Ronald is a boy scout. He has been one since young, so he is well aware of the respect for the elderly(長者) and the needy(貧困者). Every time he is wearing his uniform he feels totally(完全)comfortable(自在)to offer help to others, such as giving up a seat in public transportation, or giving a hand in embarking(上船) and disembarking vessels(船), or helping people with big luggage. When Ronald is not wearing his Scout uniform, he acts very differently. He gets shy(害羞) while lending a helping hand. He is afraid that other people may criticize(批評)him for putting on a show (炫耀). 

Just now when Ronald was on the MTR train returning home as usual, something unusual happened. As a norm (常態)of his, in order to avoid(避免)having to offer his seat to anyone in need, he prefers standing. Just a while ago, he noticed a tall middle-aged man with dark skin tone standing next to him panting(氣喘). In his hand was a transparent plastic bag holding some packs of different pills. Ronald figured(認為)that the tired looking man might want to sit down but he did not know what to do. After a few stops, Ronald arrived at his destination and he left the train, feeling troubled(不安). 

How would you react if you were Ronald ? 

  • I am already standing and so I have nothing to offer him. In case he faints right next to me, I will assist to carry him out of the train and seek help from the platform staff. 
  • I can politely ask someone who is sitting to offer a seat to him. I am sure I will not be laughed at. Other people are just not aware that he is sick, not that they are unwilling(不願意)to offer seats. 


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