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How would you react if you were Jimmy?

刊登日期: 2017.05.06
作者: Auntie Isa  

Jimmy was brought up (撫養)by his Granny for the first seven years of his life, they lived together and got along extremely well. When Jimmy started Primary 2, Granny migrated(移居)to Canada to take care of another grandchild. He then started living with his own parents. It has been nine years since she left. Jimmy never visited his granny in Canada, and she only came back once in a blue moon(極其難得). 

Granny is not young and healthy anymore, she decided to visit the relatives in Hong Kong before she could no longer take any long haul flights(長途機). Over the Easter holiday, she flew back. She is still here in Hong Kong as of today. Her plan is to return whenever she feels like doing so, which means there is no concrete(具體的) planning at all. In the beginning, Jimmy was excited to show Granny around, told her about his friends and school life, but slightly(稍微) after one week, his attitude(態度)changed. Now he thinks that he is running out of topics to share with Granny, she keeps forgetting what has been said. Moreover, the food she takes is tasteless(淡而無味的), too plain(清淡), and too soft for a 16-year-old adolescent(青少年). He has no idea how long he has to spend time with an aging(變老)lady. School has resumed(假期後復課)and Jimmy i s getting very tired(厭煩)of accompanying(陪)her. 

How would you react if you were Jimmy? 

Tell Granny that there is just too much homework to handle and get her consent(同意)that I will stay in the library after school, take my own dinner outside and come home late so I do not have to entertain(招呼)her. 

Pray to God for the strength to withstand(抵擋)all negative thoughts(負面意識). Let Granny just sit silently beside me when I do my homework; my presence(臨在)means a lot to her. I will eat the same food with her and add in a little of my favourite food too. 

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