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How would you react if you were Chris ?

刊登日期: 2017.04.22
作者: Auntie Isa  

Chris was only four when he first attended music lessons. He never fancied(喜愛)it, but at such a young age, he did not have an option and did not know how to say no. There were twelve students in one class, no one interacted(交流)with anyone in the beginning. After some months, the students started mingling(交往) with one another. One day, Chris told everyone that he was a prince, everyone had to address(稱呼)him like that. From then on, “Prince” was Chris’ new appellation (稱號)which he took much pride in(引以為傲). It was a 4-year course, the students seldom met again after graduation. 

It has been ten years from the day of graduation. This group of young kids have a l l grown into their adolescence(青春期). A reunion was held and Chris decided to join, though not with much eagerness(渴望). When he met with the others, he was quite surprised and embarrassed(尷尬)with the title of “Prince”. As a matter of fact(其實), he simply had no recollection(記憶)that he made it up himself. The gathering was filled with fun and laughter(笑聲)and these teenagers wanted to plan for another meeting. 

How would you react if you were Chris ? 

  • I will not join this group again, it is such a shame to have a stupid nickname and I think it is a bit derogatory(貶義)too. 
  • Politely share(透露)with everyone that I would prefer to be called by my real name. If the request is not honoured, that means my friends enjoy using my appellation more. I will respect them, after all, it is not anything derogatory. 


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