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Bd. Assunta Pallotta

刊登日期: 2017.04.08

Personal Details 

• 8 April (or celebrated on 

8 November) 

• Born: 20 August 1878 

• Died: 7 November 1905 

• Beatified: 1954 

Bd. Assunta Pallotta was an Italian. She was a Sister of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. She was born on 20 August 1878 in a devoted Catholic family. Her parents were poor and could not afford to send her to school. Assunta Pallotta had to do the household chores since childhood, responsible for cooking, laundry and raising her younger brothers and sisters. 

Assunta Pallotta learned from her parents that she should praise and love God. She was willing to devote herself to do more service for God. She prayed that God could grant her the vocation call to be a nun. She joined the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on 5 May 1898. She made her first profession of vows in November 1902 and was sent to work in the missionary house in Florence. She raised domestic animals and managed the pig barns. She took on every job happily. Sister Assunta Pallotta treated every job as a commitment to God. Doing the job well was a way of proclaiming the Gospel of God. On 13 February 1904, when Assunta Pallotta made her final vows, she wrote to her parents and said that she would rather die right now than to commit a minor sin in the future. 

In March 1904, the missionary sent her to Tai Yuan in Shanxi, China. At Tong Eel Koo missionary house in Tai Yuan, she helped in cooking, laundry, feeding the pigs and raising the cows. She was very busy but she did not complain and always tried to do her best. She was very much loved by all the local Chinese there. It was a great pity that she only lived there for nine months and died of infectious disease. Shortly after she was dead, a delightful fragrance was released in her house. The Chinese faithful began to pray to her for favours and she worked many miracles. She was beatified in 1954 by Pope Pius XII. Today, the room formerly occupied by her is still conserved by the diocese of Tai Yuan in Shanxi as the place for pilgrimage by the faithful. 

Little Quiz 

• How could Sister Assunta Pallotta come to be beatified? What were the secrets of her success? 

• After reading this passage, what are your impressions of Sister Assunta Pallotta? Please write down. 

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