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St. Athanasius

刊登日期: 2017.03.25

Personal Details 

• Feast Day : 2 May Bishop, Doctor of the Church 

• Born: Around 296 

• Died: 2 May 373 

St. Athanasius was a saint of the Catholic Church in the 4th century. He was born in Alexandria, about the year of 296, of Christian parents. Athanasius had a fine education and was extremely knowledgeable. He had profound knowledge about theology and the Bible. St. Anthony was his teacher. 

In A.D.319, Athanasius became a deacon at the age of 23. He served as the secretary to Bishop Alexander. During that time, he wrote the famous book “On the Incarnation of the Word of God”. The book gave a detailed account of the doctrine of birth and salvation of Christ. Later, this book became the powerful testimony of the Church to rebuke “Arian Heresy”. In A.D.323, a father named Arius, had an unusual view. He claimed that the son of God, Jesus Christ, was of a distinct substance from God, the Father and was not divine in Himself. This was a major fallacy in the Catholic doctrine. Therefore, the Bishop of Alexandria had a heated debate with Arius. At that time, Athanasius was the Bishop’s capable assistant giving him strong support. This was called the incident of “Arian Heresy” in the Catholic Church. 

When Bishop Alexander died, Athanasius succeeded him as bishop at the age of thirty. The heretic Arians were secretly in action and their influence was becoming strong. They asked the emperor to demand Athanasius to reinstate Arius. Nevertheless, Athanasius insisted that heresies and truths should not coexist and refused to meet the demand. As such, Athanasius became their eyesore and they sought to persecute and plot against him. He was sent to exile five times and spent 17 years in exile. Finally, he returned and resumed his duty as bishop for seven years before his death and wrote the biography of Saint Anthony. 

St. Athanasius upheld truths and fought for his belief. He died on 2 May A.D.373. 

Little Quiz 

• In your opinion, what kind of person is St. Athanasius? 

• If he is living in the present society, what will he live for and fight for? 

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