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How would you react if you were Linda ?

刊登日期: 2017.03.18
作者: Auntie Isa  

Linda was over the moon(欣喜若狂)when her name was announced in the Vocal Solo competition of the Music Festival. She could not believe her ears that she was the champion. This was her second time joining the same contest and she obviously(明顯地)did put a lot of hard work into it. Her last trial(嘗試)was not successful at all. Back then, she was only a Form 1 student, and, with no previous(先前的)experience, she simply did not know how to prepare for it. This year, she rehearsed countless times paying attention to her pitch(聲調)and beat(節拍). She even drilled (練習)in front of the mirror repeatedly so as to capture(拿捏)the most suitable expression. She well deserved to win. 

It is a practice(慣例)at school that all champions perform their winning pieces for the whole school, which is a good chance to share with all. Coincidentally(巧合地), the time assigned to Linda clashed with the time for the choir audition(試音), an event she has been long awaiting for. Worse, it stated that date and time of the audition could not be changed. 

How would you react if you were Linda ? 

  • Think seriously which one is more important to me and then decide which one I should skip. I should also consider which teacher will be less upset if I fail to attend his or her invitation. I will be blamed less that way. 
  • Inform the two teachers of the clash and seek advice from both instead of making a decision on my own. Hopefully a switch of time can be entertained(接受)and then I can attend both. Even if no time alteration(更改)is allowed, the two teachers will understand my difficulty. 

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