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One’s eyes are bigger than one’s stomach

刊登日期: 2017.03.18
作者: Grace Tse  

Do you know the average size of a human eye and a human stomach? The vertical diameter of a human eye is about 24mm whereas a human stomach is about 30.3cm long and 15.2cm wide. So when someone says to you, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, does it mean that you have an unusual human body? 

Obviously, our eyes cannot be bigger than our stomachs. This expression is used to warn people who take more food than they can actually eat. George Herbert, a Welsh(威爾斯) poet, was the first person to record its original form in English in his book entitled “Outlandish Proverbs” (《外來諺語》)in 1640. 

The eye is bigger than the belly

This expression might have originated from a Middle French(中世紀法語)saying in 1580 : 

avoir les yeux plus grands que le ventre (to have eyes bigger than the belly) . 

Nowadays this expression appears in different variants. For example, 

He ordered a lot of food. I think his eyes are larger than his stomach. 

Try to take less food. Your eyes are bigger than your tummies. 

Every year, the world wastes 1.3 billion tonnes of food while numerous poor people are in hunger. An international report said that food waste is becoming a serious economic and environmental issue. In countries like Japan and Germany, some restaurants have launched a “eat up or pay up” campaign to fine those customers whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs(眼闊肚窄;眼饞肚飽). Do you agree that this is a good solution to deal with food waste? 


Average 平均
Vertical diameter 垂直直徑
Warn 告誡
Belly 肚子
Variants 變體
Wastes 浪費
Campaign 運動
Fine 處以罰款

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