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Saint Dorothy

刊登日期: 2017.03.11

Personal Details 

• Feast Day : 6 February Virgin and Martyr 

• Born: Around A.D.290 

• Died: 6 February A.D.303. (or A.D.311) 

The parents of Saint Dorothy were devoted Catholics. They were martyred for holding on to their faith. There is no plentiful information about the life story of Saint Dorothy. Dorothy lived in Asia Minor, in the now major city of Cappodocia in Turkey. 

During Emperor Diocletian’s time, Saint Dorothy vowed not to get married and refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods. As such she was found guilty by the Roman governor. She was cruelly tortured and executed. At that time, Saint Dorothy was just more than ten years old. 

Dorothy was thought to be executed on 6 February A.D.311. On her way to the place of execution, a young pagan lawyer said to her in mockery, “If there is a real paradise, please send me some fruits and flowers from your garden.” Dorothy gave her promise and knelt down and prayed for his wish. When Dorothy finished her prayer and on her execution, suddenly an angel from Heaven carrying a basket filled with three roses and three apples appeared to her. After her death, a little angel sent the basket to the young lawyer. He received the basket and recognized that the flowers and fruits were not local products from Turkey. The young lawyer at once confessed and was converted and baptised to be a Christian. Later, he was also martyred. Nowadays, apples and roses are often depicted in the portrait of Saint Dorothy. 

The name of Saint Dorothy carries the meaning of “the gift from God”. 

Little Quiz 

• Why did the young lawyer want to make a mockery of Saint Dorothy? What was the result? 

• What do you like to learn and follow from the life story of Saint Dorothy? 

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