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Saint Joseph

刊登日期: 2017.02.25

Personal Details 

• Feast Day : 19 March Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary Patron saint of China 

• Patron saint of workers : 1 May 

Saint Joseph is the husband of the Virgin Mary, the foster father of Jesus and the head of the Holy Family. The Gospels made little reference to his life. Nevertheless, we all know very well about the life story of Saint Joseph. 

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke mentioned that Saint Joseph’s ancestry was from King David. 

An angel came to Saint Joseph in a dream and told him to take Mary home as his wife. He did as the angel told him and took Holy Mary as his wife. Thereafter, he was the head of the Holy Family. Saint Joseph had to look after the daily necessity of the household and the safety of the Holy Family. 

After the birth of Jesus, Joseph took the whole family to flee to a distant place to escape the massacre planned by Herod. They stayed there until told to return to his home town. Joseph appeared in the Bible as a righteous man who respected God and always followed His words and commandments. 

We should learn from Saint Joseph’s virtues-contentment with poverty, humbleness, chastity and obedience. 

At the beginning, the Church used to honour Saint Joseph during the celebrations of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. In 1621, Pope Gregory XV made 19 March the feast day of Saint Joseph. In 1870, Pope Pius IX declared Saint Joseph as patron saint of the Universal Church. The Universal Church was entrusted to him. Later, the Church in China also named Saint Joseph as the patron saint of China. 

Little Quiz 

• Who is Saint Joseph? Why is he called the head of the Holy Family? 

• How much do you know about Saint Joseph? 

Please write it down. 

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