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There Was a Peranakan Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

刊登日期: 2017.01.07
作者: Michelle Chan  

There was a Peranakan woman 

Who lived in a shoe, 

She made so many nonya kueh, 

She didn’t know what to do. 

She gave some to her cockatoo 

And some to her mouse 

But most to the samsui women 

Who build her a house. 

Have you heard of “Peranakans”? They are mainly the children of those who have migrated to Singapore and Malaysia many many years ago. They inherit the original culture of their parents while at the same time, develop their own in the newly migrated countries. Perhaps “Peranakans” is not a well-known name in Hong Kong, but you will find it playing an important role in Singaporean culture. One of the reasons is that they have plenty of fantastic food and some of them are served as daily cuisines in Singapore. Gwen Lee composes a poem about a Peranakan woman who lives in a shoe. The Peranakans have a special type of beaded slippers, and they are often hand-crafted and florally patterned. This woman makes many nonya kueh, a tasty and colourful cuisine. It is mainly made from glutinous rice flour, sago, syrup and pandan leaves. This Peranakan woman has miscalculated her ingredient and portions, and so, she has made too many nonya kueh. Instead of having all of them by herself, she shares them with her cockatoo, mouse, and the Samsui women, who build her house. Sharing is caring. It is always nice to share food with those you care and you love. 

Peranakans 峇峇娘惹人
Inherit 繼承
Cuisine 菜式
Glutinous rice 糯米
Samsui women 三水婦女 

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