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Aim High to the Sky

刊登日期: 2016.12.17
作者: Michelle Chan  

Aim high to the sky, 
In all that you do.
Because you just never know,
What it takes to be you.

Be strong and be brave,
But at the same time be kind.
And always be sure,
That you’re using your mind.

Has anyone ever told you that you are not good enough for something? Or that you are not mature enough or old enough to work on something you want? Many people do have what they want to do at present, or in the future. Yet, you know what, most people give up their dreams when they are young, and it is chiefly because there are always some people discouraging them, or even despising their dreams. I am not saying that these criticisms are all wrong, yet, one should have a clear idea of what he or she wants to do, or how to behave. Some dreams are so big that it looks like it is impossible for you to get there, but ‘aim high to the sky / in all that you do’. Though it is certain that there are many difficulties on one’s pursuit, but you will know that it is worth to do so at the end. Please remember that there are people who would like to help you, and they would offer help in ways that you cannot imagine: ‘you just never know / What it takes to be you’. It should be as James McDonald claims, ‘be strong’, ‘be brave’ and ‘be kind’. If you use your mind well and work on something good for yourself and for the world, you will get more than you have ever expected

Mature 成熟的
Chiefly 主要地
Pursuit 追求
Expected 預料的

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