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Saint Agnes

刊登日期: 2016.11.26

Personal Details 

• Feast Day : 21 January Virgin-martyr 
Patron Saint of the Children of Mary 
• Born : About A.D. 291 
• Died : A.D. 304 

The name of St. Agnes is familiar to us. This is a popular name because many girls choose Agnes as Christian names during baptism. 

Agnes was born in about 291 A.D. Her father was a Roman noble. As Agnes was very clever and beautiful, she had many rich men chasing after her. Nevertheless, young Agnes made a promise to God that she would devote her life to serving Him and decided not to get married. 

One day, the Governor’s son asked her to marry him. She told him, “Jesus Christ is my only spouse.” The Governor was very angry and arrested her. The judge asked her to change her mind so that she would not have to suffer. Nevertheless, little Agnes was not afraid of any suffering. She did not give in even when faced with very cruel punishment. In the end, the Governor gave the order to behead her. However, St. Agnes was happy to die for God. Even the by-standers sadly cried to see such a young and beautiful girl going to death. Agnes died a martyr death at the age of 13 in A.D. 304, witnessed by many people at that time. Later, a big cathedral was built over her graveyard in memory of her. Today, St. Agnes is often shown as a young girl holding a lamb with a palm branch in her arms. The lamb is the symbol of her virgin innocence and the palm branch standing for her courage to die for God. 

Little Quiz 

• What is the reason for St. Agnes deciding not to get married? 

• What do you think about the act of St. Agnes rather die than to give in for the sake of God? Is her act meaningful and why? 

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