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刊登日期: 2016.06.11
作者: Text: Sr. Mary Grace Lee | Illustration: mushROOM  

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 19. In many parts of the world, it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and this year, it is June 19. 

Last month in May, we celebrated Mother’s Day, so it is fitting to honour our fathers too. 

In the Bible, the fourth commandment of God tells us TO HONOUR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER. This means children should love, respect and obey their parents. But the Bible also tells parents to bring up their children to know God and to live a good and useful life. 

Our father represents God Our Father in this world. We may not have the best father but we want to be thankful for all he does for us. He feeds us, supports us, educates us, loves us and protects us. 

In our modern world, fathers are quite different from the old times. We see fathers with a baby strapped to their shoulders, pushing prams, playing with them, and giving great fun to the children especially the small babies and toddlers. In the home, fathers are also giving baths to babies, cooking, washing up dishes and cleaning the house. It’s so wonderful to have a modern father who is so close to their children and family

How shall we celebrate Father’s Day? First, we thank God for our father by praying for him. We promise to love and care more for him. We invite him out for a good meal, or even cook a beautiful meal for him. Some lovely gifts and cards are also good to give him. Don’t forget to wish our priests whom we call FATHER, and give them some small tokens of our love and appreciation

In Taiwan, Father’s Day is celebrated on the eighth day of the eighth moon – August 8 – because in Mandarin the words sound like ba’ ba’ = papa= father. 

Let us have a wonderful FATHER’S DAY-Happy Father’s Day to our fathers. 


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