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刊登日期: 2016.04.23
作者: F.S.P. Illustration mushROOM  Text Sr. Mary Grace Lee  

This year, Pope Francis wants us to be like the Heavenly Father who is so loving, so merciful, so kind and so generous to everyone. So he has dedicated this year to be a Jubilee Year of Mercy. 

What’s a Jubilee? 

The Bible tells us a Jubilee is a special time of pardoning people, be at peace with them, renew friendships and help each other to live together in joy and peace. Pope Francis said, The Jubilee is a year-long celebration. Every moment becomes a chance for us to grow in holiness. It is a time to discover that living as brothers and sisters without excluding anyone, is like a great party. And so we can become like the Heavenly Father. Especially by showing mercy to others, as he does to us. 

When we help the poor, when we share our food with the hungry, when we treat each other kindly with smiles and patience, when we pardon those who hurt us, when we speak well of other people and not blame them, these actions show our mercy to people, and so we are becoming like the Heavenly Father. In a special way, we want to be gentle, not rough and angry with people, we want to give good examples to the younger children, we want to show more love and kindness to everyone. 

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Pope has planned to meet many young people in Rome. There is a special celebration called “entering the Holy Door” especially in St Peter’s Basilica, in Rome. 

Since many people cannot go to Rome, the Pope has set up Holy Doors in some churches in the world. Here in Hong Kong, we can enter the Holy Door in the Catholic Cathedral and six other churches or chapels around Hong Kong island, Kowloon, New Territories and the Islands. 

Jesus said, I am the door to the Father. When we enter the Holy Door, it means we wish to go through Jesus so we can be united to the Heavenly Father. And so we can continue our journey in life, helped by special graces, strength and power of God. 

Let us really enter into the spirit of this great JUBILEE OF MERCY. There will be much joy and fun, and chances to become more holy and closer to the Heavenly Father. 

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