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Over the moon

刊登日期: 2016.04.23

American astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first person to step on the moon. This was such a great achievement that he was “over the moon” when he recalled his voyage to the moon in 1969. When we change the preposition “on” into “over”, the expression “over the moon” becomes an idiom. Then what happened to Neil Armstrong when he was “over the moon”? The idiom means that he was extremely happy and pleased. 

This idiom probably came from an old nursery rhyme dated back in the 16th century. Its modern version is: 

Hey diddle diddle, 

The cat and the fiddle, 

The cow jumped over the moon, 

The little dog laughed 

To see such sport, 

And the dish ran away with the spoon. 

Nursery rhymes are traditional poems or songs for young children. A lot of them tell very simple, funny stories, and the lines are put together to rhyme with each other. Basically, “Hey diddle diddle” tells a fantasy story about a cat, a cow and a dog. The cat plays the fiddle and the cow is so happy that it jumps over the moon. 

The idiom “over the moon” got more popular in the past decades, when it became a football cliché in Britain. When their teams win a match, football fans like to say, 

“I am over the moon(非常高興) .” 

Recently a sports news website (talkingbaws.com) has used this idiom in a news story: 

Chelsea(車路士足球隊) have a permanent successor to Jose Mourinho and their fans seem over the moon about it. 

What do football fans like to say when they are disappointed by a lost match? They like to use “as sick as a parrot” to express their disappointment. 

Jack was as sick as a parrot(非常失望) when he heard Arsenal(阿仙奴足球隊) had lost the match. 

 This year, the Catholic Church (天主教會) is celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy(慈悲禧年). Pope Francis(教宗方濟各)has invited all of us to take part in this moment of joy. Since we are God’s children, God wants us to be over the moon every day. He wants us to grow in love with courage, generosity and kindness. 

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