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Christmas decoration

刊登日期: 2011.12.04
作者: Grace Tse  

Last week, we took our little boy to watch the Christmas lights in the city centre.  He was very excited when we took him to a park which had been transformed into an illuminated winter wonderland and a magical fairy tale village. It was the first time he had sat on an illuminated sleigh with Rudolph and under a story-telling magic tree. 
To celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day, lights are generally switched on to illuminate high streets in late November or early December in many parts of the world. So far where have you seen the most beautiful Christmas light display? While Christmas decorations are seen in most of the shopping malls in Hong Kong, it is traditional to decorate houses as well in the West. In Britain, we think that the most attractive Christmas decorations are those outside the residential houses. The decorations include illuminated snowmen, angels, wreaths, and bells. 
Most houses in Britain will also have a Christmas tree that is decorated with lights and ornaments such as glass baubles, tinsel and multi-coloured crackers. Our little boy brought home some paper ornaments from the nursery to put on the Christmas tree. Did you ever help to decorate a Christmas tree? What did you decorate it with?
When we left the park, we bought our little boy an Advent calendar, which is used to count down to Christmas Day. The calendar is a large rectangular card with twenty-four “windows”. He can open one every day during Advent to show him a picture of the story of the Nativity of Jesus. Some Advent calendars contain milk chocolate seasonal shapes. Isn’t it fun?

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