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刊登日期: 2016.04.02
作者: F.S.P. Illustration mushROOM  Text Sr. Mary Grace Lee  

On March 27 this year, Christians all over the world celebrate the great feast day of Easter. At Easter, we remember that people killed Jesus but on the third day, according to his promise, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. It is the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus brings us new life

Do you know what is new life? Have you seen a mother with a big belly? 

After some time, the mother gives birth to a baby. From her belly came new life. The baby is living, the baby can move, the baby can smile, and the baby is just like us, living and breathing. The new-born baby is like an Easter. 

Jesus died but he came back to life. Jesus made us born again in his spirit. So we have great joy, we sing ALLELUIA which means Praise the Lord. We are now alive in Jesus Christ. 

Even the trees and flowers are alive with beautiful colours and perfume. The animals too are happy and growing. People can also show their joy and happiness by sharing in the new life of Jesus. Children can become more obedient and kind, more helpful and generous. In Church the Easter candle is lighted and everyone sings songs of Alleluia. And we celebrate with fun and chocolates. Easter is a wonderful happy holiday. 

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