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刊登日期: 2015.12.19

How shall we celebrate? 

We can pray and get to know Jesus better

We can sing “carols” – special songs that tell the story of Christmas. 

We can make a “crib” in our home. It is made up of the figures of Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus in the manger. 

We can also put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and pretty tinsels. 

We can give something beautiful to our friends and relatives, to show our love for them and make them happy. 

We can visit the poor people, or the old people with no friends. 


We wish them a Happy Christmas. 

Or we can also say Merry Christmas. This is the old English way of greeting for Christmas – Merry Christmas. 

When you remember Jesus on his birthday at Christmas, Jesus will make you happy also. He will bless you with joy and happiness



When you are happy, then this is a holiday! So Christmas is also a holiday

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