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Polite Telephone Conversation

刊登日期: 2015.11.28
作者: Sr. Grace Lee  

In an office, in a school, or 

Company or an Organisation 

When the phone is picked up by the office, and they announce who they are, you have to tell them who you are. 

I am Peter Lam and I would like to speak to the Manager of your Company.” 

If you are the receptionist in the office, you have to identify yourself as soon as you pick up the phone. 

This is St Alfred’s Church, good morning. How may I help you ?” 

And you listen to what the caller wants, and continue your conversation. 

There is a difference between calling a friend and calling an office

To a friend 

You can talk to your friend as soon as the phone is picked up by the other party. 

Hi, Alice. I want to tell you some good news.” And Alice can then talk freely with you. 


When Alice calls you, and you pick up the phone in your house, you can just say, “Hello”. And listen to the other party before continuing your conversation. 

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