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刊登日期: 2015.10.17
作者: F.S.P.  Sr. Grace Lee  

Much is used to describe something you cannot count. It is something “abstract”, for example, much poverty (being poor), much energy (being full of life), much strength (being strong), much waste, much cheating, much goodness. 

It is also for collective nouns, for example, much food (many things to eat), much money (dollars and cents), much fun (games to enjoy). 

Many is used when you can count, for example, many schools, many persons, many chairs, many children, many mothers, many bananas. 

It is not correct to use MANY to describe collective nouns, for example, many money, many food, many water. 


Sometimes we can use the words a lot ofto describe something, for example, I see a lot of people who are good and kind. I don’t like to waste a lot of money buying useless things. 

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