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A boy who wants to see a whale

刊登日期: 2015.05.30
作者: Michelle Chan  


 What do you need to do if you want to see a whale? 

There was once a boy who wanted to see a whale. To do so, he would first need a window. Then, the boy also needed a sea, some time for looking, some time for waiting. Many islands and hills did take the shape of animals, so he might need some time to wonder ‘Is that a whale’. Of course the boy could simply open a book and look for a picture of a whale. He could also look for an image of a whale online. Yet, it was different. He was looking for an authentic whale, the one who truly inhabited an ocean. 

This boy was very insistent. If he wanted to see a whale, he decided not to have a comfy chair and he would not have a cozy blanket. This was because if he fell asleep, he would miss the whale. The boy knew well, I guess you know it too, that it would be ridiculous and unreasonable to ask the whale to wait to be watched. The boy also knew perfectly well that he would need also to ignore all the pink, sweet roses if he wanted to see the whale. It appeared that the roses would be jealous if the boy was not paying full at tent ion to them. Other than the roses, the boy wanted to concentrate by ignoring a flapping flag, a pelican and clouds. Even if these items were also near the shore, they were not the whale. If he was being distracted, he might miss what he was truly waiting for. What he could do was to keep both eyes on the sea and wait. 

You may find this book incredibly quiet and moving. After some time, perhaps, you may also see what you are waiting for, as the boy did, at the end of the journey. 



Authentic 真實的

Inhabit 居住於

Insistent 堅持的

Comfy 舒適的

Flapping 拍打的


If you want to see a whale 


Julie Fogliano 


Erin E. Stead 


Roaring Brook Press, 2013 

Recommended Reading Level 


Age 4-8 



 (available in Hong Kong public libraries) 

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