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Annabelle and her neverending yarn

刊登日期: 2015.05.16
作者: Michelle Chan  


Annabelle lived in a bleak and dreary town, in which everything appeared to be dull and lifeless. On a very cold winter day, Annabelle found a box filled with yarn of every colour. This box did not seem to be a product of such a town, but Annabelle was delighted. 

At first, Annabelle knitted herself a jumper, and she found that there was still extra yarn in the box. Instead of making another jumper or something for herself, she knitted her dog a jumper. Yet she still found that there was extra yarn in the box. 

Annabelle’s generosity was shown when she knitted something for everyone in the town. You may think that Annabelle was simply knitting more and more jumpers. But Annabelle knitted everyone something according to their needs. 

She knitted Dr. Palmer a cardigan. She thought that Dr. Palmer would look better if his shirt could be seen. She also knitted Mr. Crabtree a hat. That was because Mr. Crabtree had never worn jumpers even when the snow was up to his knees. Perhaps Annabelle believed that he looked better if he had something colourful on. Annabelle knitted for so many people in the church, in the school, and even for a pickup truck. 

News spread about her magic yarn, and many people came to see her. One day, an archduke offered Annabelle to buy her never-ending yarn. I can tell you that at the end of the story, Annabelle showed her independence, self-assurance and firmness of character. Can you guess whether she had taken the offer? What was she doing to continue her happiness? 


Yarn 毛線

Dreary 沉悶的

Generosity 慷慨

Self-assurance 自信

Composedness 鎮靜,沉著


Extra Yarn 


Mac Barnett 


Jon Klassen 


Walkers Book , 2013 

Recommended Reading Level 

Age 5-8 



(available in Hong Kong public libraries) 

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