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刊登日期: 2015.05.09
作者: Rosanne Li  


 There’s a Chinese saying, "Guilin's scenery is best among all under heaven."(桂林山水甲天下) In order to determine the authenticity(可信賴性) of this statement, I travelled to this beautiful city last month. 

Located in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. Its spectacular mountains, rivers and caves attract millions of visitors, including me. It is quite convenient to reach Guilin, as you can take the high-speed rail(高鐵), which only takes 3 hours to travel from Guangzhou to Guilin. 

I went on a cruise on Li River, the scene of which is printed on the back of the ¥20 bank notes. The shapes of the mountains in Guilin are really special. The most iconic one is the Elephant Trunk Hill(象鼻山), which resembles the trunk of an elephant dipping into the river. 

I also visited the Crown cave, where you can see stalactites(鐘乳石)hanging down from the roof of the cave. They are really amazing! 

I also visited the famous Longji rice terraces (梯田)in Longsheng County. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountain top. It is very stunning! 


If you visit Gulin, you must watch a show called “Impression Liu Sanjie”. It is a folk musical night show directed by Zhang Yimou performed by local minority villagers on the Li River in Yangshuo, a county near Guilin. It is truly magnificent! 

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