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The Knowledgeable Owl

刊登日期: 2014.03.09
作者: Michelle Chan  


 A very knowledgeable owl was living in a forest in the far far East. He knew a lot about the world. Animals or, sometimes, human would asked him for advices and suggestions. 

One day, a fairy came and said, “Hello, I am Tindy, how are you?” The owl replied, “I am good, my gentle lady.” 

“I heard that you are very intelligent, so I come to see it by myself.” The owl smiled broadly as he was so proud of himself. 

The fairy bent down her head, thought for a while and said, “Could you answer me three questions? If you get one of it correct, I would believe that you are very clever.” The owl had no doubt that he would pass the test and so he nodded. 

“First, how many drops of water in the sea?” 

The owl found it outrageous and replied, “I could not possibly know!” 

“Well, never mind. Please tell me where is…well, Holistalia?” asked the fairy. 

The owl was stunned, but he tried to look calm, “you must have made up this place, as I have never heard of it.” 

“Even if you haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t mean that I am lying. Alright, last question then, do you believe in fairies?” 

“Of course not, they are just characters in story books!” 

The fairy shrugged and said, “Well, here is a fairy standing in front of you.” 


The fairy vanished into thin air, and the owl remained puzzled. Yet, at least he knew then that he was not as great as he thought. 








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