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“Inspiring change.” Theme of International Women’s Day 2014

刊登日期: 2014.03.02
作者: Grace Tse  


"Inspiring change." Theme of International Women’s Day 2014 

「啟發改變」── 國際婦女節2014年主題


 Every year, many countries in the world celebrate women’s achievements and fight for improvements in women’s lives on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day. What events are held normally? They include political rallies, talks, and plays. In some countries, International Women’s Day is treated as Mother’s Day. Women receive flowers or small gifts from their children or family members. 

You may wonder why there is an International Women’s Day but not an International Men’s Day. Women’s rights have greatly improved in recent times. Nowadays in Hong Kong, women have the right to vote, the right to receive education and the right to work. However, in some parts of the world, women still cannot enjoy the same rights and chances as men. For example, a lot of women receive less pay than men for the same job. Have you noticed any unequal treatment received by women and girls in Hong Kong? 

In 1911, International Women’s Day was organized for the first time in Austria(奧地利), Denmark(丹麥), Germany (德國)and Switzerland(瑞士). More than a million women and men attended rallies. They demanded the right to vote for women and an end to discrimination against women at work.


The theme for this year is “Inspiring Change”. Let’s think about girls’ and women’s lives in Hong Kong and around the world. What problems are women and girls facing today? What else needs to be changed in their lives to make the world a place full of love and hope? 






Political rallies:政治集會


Right to vote:投票權

Unequal treatment:不平等對待




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