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The Pink Elephant

刊登日期: 2014.02.23
作者: Michelle Chan  


 Do you know that all elephants were born with different colours? Some are as blue as blueberries, some are as purple as lavender, while some are as yellow as summer daisies. Their colour represents their dreams, passion and originality. However, as they grow up, most of them would stop pursuing what they like and hence, they lose their original colour and turn grey. 

There was a pink elephant who was interested in music very much. He remembered the days he played his white guitar and had fun with his friends. Yet, he was then so upset because many of his friends grew up and they lost their original colour. They became less interested in their dreams but their work. 

The pink elephant did not want all his friends to lose their dreams, so he started a tour with his guitar. It was not only that he made his own music, but he also wrote all the lyrics. He played his guitar all around the city and tried to recall his listeners their passion and what they originally were. Some elephants turned back to their original colour because they were moved and they started to pursue their dreams. Some were inspired and some parts of their bodies were changed while some failed to remember what their dreams were and remained grey. 


The pink elephant, indeed, did not mind whether all his listeners would return to their colour. He believed that as long as he kept playing his beloved music, the world would be filled with colourful elephants. 




Originality : 獨創性

Lavender : 薰衣草

Pursue : 追求

Lyrics : 歌詞


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