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刊登日期: 2013.12.01
作者: Rosanne Li  

Berlin, the capital and the largest city in Germany, is a city of great historical significance. You can find traces(痕跡)of the Franco-Prussian War, the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War in the city.
The Berlin Wall divided the city into East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War, and its fall signifies(象徵)German reunification in 1990. Although the Berlin Wall was demolished, a part of it was turned into the East Side Gallery, which comprises colourful paintings by artists around the world. As an international memorial for freedom, its paintings express hopes for a better world.
I also visited the Reichstag building, the meeting place of the German parliament(國會). The glass dome was designed by the famous British architect Norman Foster, who also designed the Hong Kong International Airport and HSBC Main Building. I was really excited when I was walking on the spiral walkways and enjoying the panoramic(全景的)view of the city.
I also visited the Holocaust Memorial, which is a memorial(紀念碑)to the murdered Jews in Europe during the Holocaust(大屠殺)in the Second World War. There is an underground museum displaying the pictures and history of the Holocaust. It is saddening to see how brutal human beings can be. Let's hope there will be less wars and sufferings in the world.

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