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Love life

刊登日期: 2013.11.17
作者: Michelle Chan  


 Joanna was a tiny girl and sometimes she was not very happy about her school life, her classmates and every little thing. One night, an angel came to her. The angel asked her to tie herself to a kite and let the wind bring wherever it could. 

First, Joanna reached the top of a building, where was opposite to the biggest bookstore in town. A lady was opening and closing the door for customers. ‟Her job looks boring,” thought Joanna. One little boy saw the lady and waved his little hands. The lady was so happy that she patted the boy. It was perhaps the happiest thing that happened to her that day. 

Later, Joanna stood on top of a lamppost. She saw a girl who was waiting for her friend. They have not seen each other since one of them had moved to another country. Soon enough, her friend came and they hugged for a long long time. They missed each other so much. 

At last, the wind brought her outside a hospital. There was a room for children who were suffering from cancer. Although Joanna could imagine that these children had suffered a lot, they were sleeping peacefully and quietly. Joanna knew that she could not do much, yet she prayed for their health and happiness. 

At the end, the angel said, ‟My dear, be thankful. Perhaps life is not so easy for you. Yet, try to look around. You will see you have more things to appreciate than to mourn or complain.” 

Joanna remained silent, but she spent the whole night on reflection. 





Suffer: 遭受痛苦

Customer: 顧客

Lamppost: 街燈柱

Reflection: 仔細思考,反省


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