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刊登日期: 2013.11.03
作者: Michelle Chan  


 Thumbline-duck was very tiny. He was much smaller than other ducklings, including his younger sister, whom he liked very much. It was because he was so small, he had very low self-esteem. He could not look at other ducklings face to face and he did not like talking to them. Even worse, he could hardly leave his home.
One day, when Thumbline-duck was staying at home, he heard his sister cried loudly in the garden. He quickly opened a window and found that his sister’s leg was trapped inside some pebbles. She tried to pull it out but it was too painful for her. Several ducklings also heard the cry. They came and tried to move away those pebbles. However, they did not have enough strength to do so.
Thumbline-duck was so scared that if his sister could not pull her leg out soon enough, she would break it. At the same time, sadly, he believed that he was too tiny to offer any help. He was not confident enough even to leave his house.
Yet, he knew that he would not risk anything in the world for the health and happiness of his sister. Therefore, he took a deep breath, ran out of the house, and helped other ducklings moving away the pebbles. At last, his sister was saved. Her leg was perfectly fine except having a few bruises. Thumbline-duck was so delighted that his sister was safe and also, he was proud of himself that he could make a breakthrough.

 Self-esteem (noun) 自尊心
Pebbles (noun) 小圓石
Confident (adjective) 有信心
Breakthrough (noun) 突破

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