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Dream came true

刊登日期: 2013.10.20
作者: Michelle Chan  

 Jim was a carpenter, and he liked looking at the stars. Every night, he wondered how it would be by living among the stars. Would it be alright if there were so many lights sparkling around him? Would they be bright enough so that he could read some books at night? Were the stars friendly?
To answer all these wonders, Jim started building a ladder so that he could reach the stars. He picked some of the strongest lumber, measured them well, and cut out notches and rungs carefully. Perhaps you may guess that the ladder was very long and very tall. In fact, it is much shorter than you imagined. Still, it took 30 years for Jim to make it. His patience and his love to stars moved many of them. While Jim was working hard at night, the stars talked to him and encouraged him throughout the time.
At last, the ladder was completed. Jim climbed up one step after the other. He found that starlight was not as dazzling as he had imagined. When he slept in the dark, the stars glowed dimmer for him so that he would have a sweet dream. In daytime, Jim helped pull a cloud blanket over every star. Jim thanked the stars and said that he would not have such a wonderful life without them. The stars replied, ‘We all love you, our dear. Yet, believe us, it is not in the star to hold your destiny but yourself’.

 Sparkling 閃亮的
Notches 切口
Rungs 梯級
Dazzling 令人眼花繚亂的
Destiny 命運

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