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The Snail and the Pigeon

刊登日期: 2013.09.29
作者: Michelle Chan  

Once upon a time, there was a snail, Jon, lived in the bush. Although he walked slowly, he enjoyed his life a lot. 

One day, when he looked up the tall tree next to his bush, he found a new neighbour. It was a white pigeon. Jon had never seen such a pretty creature. He immediately fell in love with her. During daytime, Jon looked up to the sky and watched her fly, and at night, he listened to the sleep of his lovely pigeon. 

Then Jon decided to send her a gift. He collected a few flowers and put them into a bunch. He shouted and cried at the pigeon, but she did not hear him. This is because Jon was too far away from the pigeon, and his voice was too weak for her. Jon was very anxious, but no matter how many times Jon called her, she could not hear it. After a while, she flew away. 

Jon was very disappointed. He held the flowers and sadly walked away. When he reached the bottom of a tree, he found another snail. Although this snail did not have the white feather as the pigeon, her eyes were as pretty as diamonds. Jon gave this lady the bunch of flowers, and he found himself had been fell in love with someone who was not meant for him. At the end, he realized that true happiness and true love were indeed closer than he thought. 


Bush (noun)草叢
Bunch (noun)束
Anxious (adjective)焦慮
Disappointed (adjective)失望 
Realize (verb)意識,明白

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