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Ting Tong Bird

刊登日期: 2013.09.15
作者: Michelle Chan  

Today, I am going to introduce Ting Tong Bird to you. He was a pretty bird with smooth white and black feathers. Somehow, he looked like a gentleman with tuxedo! However, there was only one thing that he was afraid of, guess what, the rain! So, he brought a bright red umbrella with him all the time. 

One day, Ting Tong Bird walked around the park as usual. He liked the fragrance of the flowers and he liked the greenery. But suddenly, a big shadow came above him, Oh no, someone wanted to grab him! Ting Tong Bird was so frightened, and he fainted… 

When he woke up, he found himself locked in a cage. The cage was silver and it was bigger than his old home. Ting Tong Bird did not feel very much uncomfortable in the beginning. The new master, who is a 10-year boy, was nice. He fed the bird on time and he talked to the bird about things happened in school and in life. 

Yet, after some time, Ting Tong Bird missed the freedom he used to have. He missed the time he can walk freely around the park. So one day, when the boy left the cage door open, Ting Tong Bird flew away. At that moment, it started raining, and Ting Tong Bird left his red umbrella in the cage. Yet, he was no longer afraid, because there was nothing better than being free! 


Tuxedo (noun)晚禮服

Fragrance (noun)香氣

Greenery (noun)綠色植物



Grab (verb)抓取

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