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Enjoyed Your School Year?

刊登日期: 2013.06.30
作者: Doris Ng  


 How time flies! The school year is coming to an end. Have you had an interesting and enjoyable year? 

Have you made new friends? Have you met someone with whom you wish to keep as friends for a long, long time? 

Have you learnt new skills? You may have developed an interest to cherish for the rest of your life. 

Have you made big strides in any school subject? If so, it means your efforts during the year have been fruitful and rewarding. Congratulations! 

Whether awarded with credits or not, all of us should be able to look back to a year well spent. Even without spectacular achievement, we certainly have progressed in various ways, and found enjoyment in our experiences, some of which we may treasure. 

I f y o u t h i n k y o u ’ v e h a d a n uninteresting year, just look at the fishes and the birds. See how they enjoy their movements, how graceful and smooth, as they swim and glide along. Yet they may grumble, “Life is boring.” It is because they don’t realize they are enjoying it! 

‘Boredom is the price one pays for not enjoying everything.’ (Martin Rubin) Let’s enjoy our school life and live every minute to the fullest. 


See you next year! 

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