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I will miss you, my friends

刊登日期: 2013.06.23
作者: Michelle Chan  


 Friends are important and it is true. 

Once, you two were imagining being teachers. You were designing the seating plan of your class. The first row was Jane and the one next to her was Janice. Then you argued that the names were not special enough. And therefore, you tried to change the names and rearrange the seats of every student. 

Once, you wanted to share the card game with your friends. He got the Icy Dragon and you got the Cracky Spider. Only teamwork would complete the task and be able to fight against other teams. You two made an ally and thought of the best strategy. Be cool, Man. That was not a game, but a war! 

Once, you two talked on phone for three hours. Your mom asked, ‘how can you two have so much to talk? Isn’t that you see each other every day at school ?’ Yes, Mom. You were correct but it is really hard to explain. We had to share our secrets and gossip of our classmates and teachers. 


Now, do you remember the time when you all gather and talk about the strange stories of the school? Do you remember the time when your friends cheer for you in the Sports Day? Perhaps you have a different story from mine and I am sure everyone has their own stories. It is sad to separate from friends. But even if you and they are no longer studying at the same school, friendship will last forever. 

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