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Will you forget me?

刊登日期: 2013.06.16
作者: Michelle Chan  


 Will you remember the days when we had lunch together ? 

Ther e were r ice, pork, sausage a nd cauliflower, 

My lun chbox was great and yours was wonderful, 

Yet nothing but fried noodles was the most likable. 

Will you remem ber th e rec es s, t wice a time a day? 

Snacking, hopping, full of fun and plays. 

When me and you were chasing each other in playground 

Caught by the prefects for running around. 

Will you like your new school? 

I guess you will like it very soon. 

Your name will be put in a new register 

Perhaps a lady will be your class teacher. 

Will you still go for your dream? 

Painting, singing or making a film. 

Maybe you have changed your mind 

But all I can say is‘take your own time’.


 Will you remember today, which we have to separate? 

I ca n not imagine what w ill hap pe n after to d ay. 

It should be fine when we keep in touch

Nothing should be worried much. 

Remember me! Remember me! 

For my friendship is forever free! 

If anything troubles you again, 


My love will certainly be sent! 

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