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Quiet please! I am studying!

刊登日期: 2013.06.02
作者: Deborah Ng  


 It is good that our public libraries provide us with study areas, especially during examination periods. 

Last Saturday, I was studying at a corner in my nearest public library. It was quiet and, around me, students were delving into their books. 

Suddenly, a string of music – a local pop song, broke the silence. A student fetched his mobile phone from his pocket, and the song grew louder. It was the ring tone. Someone nearby signalled him to keep quiet. The student started conversing over the phone while he scuttled out of the library. 

Thankfully I resumed my study. Less than an hour later, a loud noise, like a person laughing, was heard. I saw the student next to me fishing for her mobile phone from her schoolbag. Another ring tone? I put my finger to my lips, indicating that she should not talk. However, she started whispering to the phone, trying to cover mouth and phone with her hand. Her chattering made a buzzing sound in the quietness. 


I tried to ignore her and concentrate on my reading. Then, I was startled by a familiar tune. Oh! It was the ring tone of my mobile phone! I had forgotten to turn it off!! What a shame! I should have checked it when I was annoyed by the inconsiderate behaviour of other library users. Ever so often, we are quick to notice the fault of others but not our own. My apologies! 

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