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7th Sunday of Easter or Ascension

刊登日期: 2013.05.12


 In many parts of the world, (including Hong Kong), Ascension Thursday is no longer celebrated as a holy day on the Thursday 40 days after Easter. Instead, it is moved to the following Sunday, thus replacing 7th Sunday of Easter and the reading of the Gospel for that Sunday. I would like to share with you my reflection on this beautiful text from Jn 17:20-26. This took place after the Last Supper. In Jn 17, Jesus prayed with them and in verse 20-26. He said, 

“Holy Father, I pray not only for them, 

but also for those who will believe in me through their word.” 

For whom was He praying? Who were the “them”? The apostles. “Those who will believe ... through their word.” Who were these? US. We are the ones who, through the centuries, came to believe in Jesus through the words of the bishops, priests, catechists, parents, friends… followers of Jesus. 

Jesus prayed for US at the Last Supper!!!!! 

Jesus PRAYED for US at the Last Supper!!!!! 


Jesus, who is God, had us in His thoughts at the Last Supper. We were there, in His thoughts and in His Heart. 

When this was brought to my attention some 40 years ago, I was dumbfounded. When I think about it, when I talk to others about it, I am still AU-struck. 

Have you got it? 

Let’s move on. 

“I have given them the glory you gave me.” 

We are to share in His GLORY!!! Not just in Heaven, but “that the world may believe that you sent me.” Our living, our faith in liveliness, in His Love, is for the world to see Him! What a responsibility! What a privilege! What an honour! 

“Father, they are your gift to me.”

We are gifts to Jesus!!! And as the Mystical Body of Christ, we are given as gifts to each other. 

There are two sides to this. First, we are gifts. Second, others are gifts to us. 

We are gifts. We don’t think of ourselves that way because we should be humble. But then, if that’s what we are, we should consider it carefully so that we do not diminish what God has intended. That needs a careful balance in our prayer life. Do we really live in such a way that we bless others by our lives? That really is the PURPOSE of our lives. Every day when we pray “Thy Will be done”, we need to think about how we are to enrich the lives of those around us by the love we have from Jesus. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Are we the daily bread God intends to feed others? Are we fed by the Eucharist so that we can be the Body and Blood of Jesus to those who need Him? Do we really strive to live a sinless life so as not to cheapen the gift that we are? 

Others are God’s gifts to us. Often, I remind married couples that they may think that way BEFORE they were married, but somehow, after time has passed, the gift gets a little tarnished. They see each other less “gift-ly” each day. Why? Each day, we need to open our eyes and ask God to help us see the gift, the daily bread, He intends for us to have this day and treasure each other as gifts. 

We are created in the image of God. Let us live up to our dignity and glory as He intends. 

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