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刊登日期: 2013.04.28
作者: Rosanne Li  

I really like listening to English songs, especially those from British singers. My favourite band is the Beatles! This amazing band was formed in Liverpool by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr in 1960, and their popularity quickly spread around the globe(地球). Although around 40 years have passed since the band dissolved(解散), they are still the best-selling band of all time. 

As a fan of the Beatles, I visited The Beatles Story when I was travelling in Liverpool last November. It is a visitor attraction dedicated to this famous pop rock band. Exhibits(展品)include George Harrison's first guitar, John Lennon's round spectacles(眼鏡), replica(複製品)of the Cavern Club where the Beatles used to perform at, and unseen photos of the Beatles. With the audio guide narrated by John Lennon's sister Julia, I knew more about the story of the Beatles, including how they met and how they gained popularity. 

My favourite Beatles songs are Across the Universe and Hey Jude. Apart from the Beatles, I also like Coldplay, a rock band formed by students from University College London. I really like the voice of Chris Martin the vocalist (主唱), and their songs Yellow, Hurts like Heaven and Paradise. My favourite female singer is Adele as her voice touches my heart, especially when she sings Someone like you and Skyfall. 

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