We think too much and feel too little. — Charlie Chaplin 我們想得太多,感受的太少。──差利.卓別靈 (查理.卓別林) | jy.catholic.org.hk

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We think too much and feel too little. — Charlie Chaplin 我們想得太多,感受的太少。──差利.卓別靈 (查理.卓別林)

刊登日期: 2013.04.28
作者: Grace Tse  

The above quotation is part of the famous speech in the classic film “The Great Dictator” (《大獨裁者》), produced by Charlie Chaplin, the stage name of Charles Spencer Chaplin. The movie is a satire that makes fun of Hitler (希特拉) during the Second World War. 

Chaplin (1889-1977) was a British comic actor and film director. Although his childhood was poor and miserable, he became the best comedian of his t ime. Raised in London, he started performing from a young age. When he was a teenager, he travelled to the United States with a prestigious troupe. Later he started his career in filmmaking. 

Which character is his most well-known? Chaplin became a worldwide icon through his screen character, “The Tramp” (《流浪漢》), during the silent-film era. Even if you have never seen a Chaplin film, you might have recognized this image elsewhere. The Tramp was a childlike little man with a moustache, baggy trousers, a bowler hat, and a bamboo cane. He cared for others rather than just himself. Though he could not help much, he tried his best to do the right thing. 

Many of Chaplin’s films are still regarded as classics. They include the silent films “The Gold Rush” (《淘金記》), “City Lights” (《城市之光》), “Modern Times” (《摩登時代》), and “The Great Dictator”, which was his first film in which he spoke on screen. 

Chaplin was listed in TIME (《時代》) magazine as one of the “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century” for the laughter he brought to millions of people in the world. 




Classic film: 經典電影
Stage name: 藝名
Satire: 諷刺作品
Comic actor: 喜劇演員
Troupe: 劇團
Icon: 偶像
Screen character: 熒幕角色
Silent films: 默片


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