Every child is an artist. — Pablo Picasso | 每一個兒童都是藝術家。──巴勃羅.畢加索 | jy.catholic.org.hk

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Every child is an artist. — Pablo Picasso | 每一個兒童都是藝術家。──巴勃羅.畢加索

刊登日期: 2013.04.21
作者: Grace Tse  

Do you like drawing, painting, or doing handicrafts? In Picasso’s eyes, every child can be an artist with imagination and creativity. However, he added that “the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. It seems that when we grow up, we tend to lose the desire and the joy to create. Perhaps adults need to think of themselves as children to regain the creativity lost with time. 

Picasso (1881-1973) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker and c e r a m i c i s t . He began painting at an early age and produced a large number of works throughout his long lifetime. He is one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. 

Have you ever seen Picasso’s paintings? He is famous for being the co-founder of Cubism and for the Cubist works “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” (《亞維農的少女》), “Three Musicians” (《三個音樂家》) and “Guernica” (《格爾尼卡》). 

What is the difference between Cubism and the paintings of earlier times? In earlier times, the artist drew a person from one particular viewpoint. In Cubist paintings, the artist painted a person that was made up of different geometric shapes such as cubes, spheres, and cones. They also tried to draw three dimensions on a flat canvas in order to show the front and the side of a person’s face at the same time. Some Cubist paintings were extremely abstract. 

One interesting fact about Picasso is that his full name has over 20 words. It is a series of the names of saints and his relatives based on Spanish naming customs. 



Spanish: 西班牙籍

Sculptor: 雕刻家

Printmaker: 版畫藝術家

Ceramicist: 陶瓷藝術家

Cubism: 立體主義

Geometric shapes: 幾何圖形

Three dimensions: 三維(立體) 

Abstract: 抽象

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