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刊登日期: 2013.03.24
作者: Rosanne Li  

"Oxbridge" is a term that refers to the two prestigious(著名的) universities in the United Kingdom - the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. They are the first and the second oldest universities in the English-speaking world with over 800 years of history. 

There is a long history of rivalry(競爭)between the two universities. Apart from competing for university rankings, the two universities also compete in sports competitions like the annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. 

Both universities have a lot of colleges with very beautiful architecture and they were featured in a lot of movies and literature. For example, the design of the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies was inspired by the dining hall of Christ Church College in Oxford. The famous childhood story Alice in Wonderland is also based on real locations and characters in Oxford! What's more, the romantic Chinese poet Xu Zhimo (徐志摩), an alumnus(男校友)of the University of Cambridge, wrote a famous poem called " Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again" (〈再別康橋〉). 

Last October, I had the opportunity to visit Cambridge. It was a very lovely town with really beautiful buildings. I joined a guided punting (撐篙)tour along River Cam during which a student told us the stories and history of Cambridge. It was really enjoyable. 

I would love to visit Oxford some day! 

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