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Lake District

刊登日期: 2013.03.10
作者: Rosanne Li  


A p a r t f r o m h i g h t e a a n d g a r d e n s, England is also well-known for its lakes. Last September, I visited the Lake District, which is a mountainous area in the northwestern part of England. The Lake District National Park is the largest national park in England, attracting millions of visitors every year. 

The Lake District encompasses(包含) the highest mountains and the most beautiful lakes in England. At weekends, a lot of locals like to come here for hiking, cycling, fishing or kayaking. Some come here as an excursion (遠足)with their family while some students come here for their school picnic. 

B e s i d e s i t s b r e a t h t a k i n g n a t u r a l scenery, the Lake District is also renowned for contributing to English literature and art. The stunning(極漂亮的)landscape of the lakes and forests nurtured famous poets like William Wordsworth and accomplished children authors like Beatrix Potter. For instance, William Wordsworth, inspired by the daffodils in Ullswater, wrote a poem called “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”. Beatrix Potter, who created Peter Rabbit, developed an interest in drawing animals after visiting the lakes. 

I had a great time visiting the Lake District. I was stunned by the glittering(閃閃發光的)lakes and rivers under the sun and I was fascinated by the lovely cottages, sheep and cows. I felt very peaceful and tranquil (平靜的)while I was strolling along the lake. I hope to return to this heavenly place again with my friends and family. 


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