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Red & Purple

刊登日期: 2013.03.03
作者: Doris Ng  

Have you been to the Lunar New Year Fair? Were you dazzled by the colours of the spring blossoms? 

Chinese people like bright colours for adornment. Red is the traditional colour of Chinese New Year, so there are many ornaments in red: New Year couplets, lanterns and lai sees. Among New Year flowers, scarlet gladioluses compete with crimson peonies. Even our Sunday missals have a red cover and our altars are decorated with pink peach blossoms. 

Red is a warm colour that carries an auspicious meaning. It stands for love, happiness and family reunion. At the arrival of Lent, red is replaced by purple, a cool colour that stands for nobility, solemnity and repentance. We remember Christ’s work of Salvation and prepare ourselves to receive Him as our King and Saviour. 

During Lent, our altars are draped in purple, and our prayer books take on a purple hue. Violets and mauve orchids dot gardens and flower-pots. We put aside our festivities and settle down in preparation for the coming of Easter with prayer and sacrifice. 

Every spring, our days will glow with red and purple. 

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